By Jay Shah


2nd Game – Wilden

“Courage to Continue”


Coming of a bad loss to Aston Clinton last week, the 2s entertained Wilden at home this week with four changes. Out went Umar, Kashif, Steve and Vish (the latter of which had flown off to Mexico) and in came Aadhil, Haroon, Jamie and Raj. The players from Wilden were struggling with numbers eventually coming to play with 10. Jay lead the Wilden captain on to the strip and duly lost the toss. With the Wilden captain clearly bewildered at winning the toss, it took him around 40 seconds to confirm that he would like to bowl first. The toss therefore was a good one to lose.

In went Gary and Aadhil as the openers with the former playing his typical aggressive shots and the latter easing himself in to the game by playing watchfully. Gary played his array of offside shots eventually mistiming a shot to point who only realised the ball was coming towards him when he had somehow caught it. Gary left for a well-played 23 and gave the team a much needed platform. Enter Omar, who had been given instructions to cement his number 3 position by playing with responsibility however, third ball in and the heave-ho was on show. Credit to him he did play some nice shots and went on to make a nice 17 when he was caught hitting one shot too many. At the other end Aadhil was playing beautifully by mixing boundary shots with excellent running in the middle. In at number 4 was new recruit Jamie a left hander who appeared to have a solid technique. He played a nice shot over square leg for 4 but as is the usual Caddington case, his eyes lit up to play a straight bat aerial shot over the bowler’s head, missed it by not much and was castled. In came Jay at number 5 with the score at 109 for 3 of 26 overs. Together with Aadhil he found the perfect partner and both gave a masterclass in running between the wickets. Aadhil eased his way onto his 2nd 50 for Caddington not soon after drinks. The pair carried on with their sensible batting finding the gaps regular for quick running, with Jay getting Aadhil to run a 3! Mixed in to the singles and doubles were excellently timed boundaries and the opposition at this stage had lost hope with some infighting included there for good measure when the wicket keeper did not like some of the field placements. Coming into the 43rd over unbeknownst to Aadhil a perfectly placed boundary was the shot that would take him to his maiden century and the first for Caddington this season. With the team clapping and celebrating from outside the boundary it suddenly dawned upon Aadhil the feat that he had achieved. Jay on the other end again without knowing his score hit a single in the final over that led him to his maiden half century. The C’s finished their innings in 225 – 3 of 44 overs with the pair putting on 126 runs in 18 overs.

Time for tea inspired by Doc Farhan and Irshad, a good showing by the lads with a tea that was enjoyed by both teams.

Prior to the second half, Jay got the team into a fast becoming familiar huddle to give his final instructions, whilst concepts of walking in with the bowler, getting the basics right and mostly enjoying yourself was the crux of the speech, Jay decided to sign off with a famous line from Sir Winston Churchill which was met by laughter and hopefully achieved its purpose of invigorating the team.

Jay opened up with Doc Farhan and Raj. Both openers were getting some nip and were unlucky not to get instant rewards for their tight bowling. As they started coming towards the end of their first spell, Doc bowled the Wilden opener with a Yorker and celebrated by his familiar send-off salute minus the polite words he was so used to using last season. In came their number 3 batsman and Doc bowling with a renewed purpose castled the batsman of the last ball of his spell leaving the opposition at 45 for 2 after 11 overs. A bowling change was in order and Jay brought himself on. Having played beautifully for an unbeaten 50, Jay bowled his first delivery and then immediately pulled up with cramp. He tried to bowl through the pain but even a quick session with the physio Raj was unable to cure Jay’s cramps resulting him in taking himself off after 1 over. On came Haroon bowling his medium pacers and after some loose deliveries he got into his stride bowling a good line and length. On the other end Irshad was given ago and taken off after 3 overs of leg spin. Having hit his maiden century, Aadhil was called upon to bowl his “sometimes they spin and sometimes they don’t” off spinners. After a loose first over, Aadhil struck by getting Wilden’s number 3 stumped (again as he was not given the first time) for a well-made 55. The very next ball, encouraged by Jay’s “lets clap the skipper in boys and clap him out” Aadhil bowled a rank full toss which was hit straight to Omar. Now I know what you are thinking, you would put your mortgage on Omar spilling it and whilst he tried his utmost he managed to catch it giving Aadhil 2 in 2 balls. Sadly, the hatrick was not to be and Aadhil finished off a good over. On the other hand, Haroon was bowling well despite a catch being dropped of his bowling (no prizes for guessing who dropped it). In the midst of good bowling the C’s managed to get 2 run outs one courtesy Haroon and the other from Raj bringing the C’s close to the first win of the season. Aadhil then took another wicket and with roughly 8 overs to go the C’s needed 1 wicket to win. Jay brought himself on but the cramps took hold and he was unable to bowl with any accuracy. With 4 overs to go Raj and Doc were brought on but 2 overs went by and 1 wicket was still needed. With 2 overs to go Jay flanked by Gary and Aadhil made the decision to bring Omar on (who admittedly wanted to come on earlier) and true to his golden arm tag he bowled a slingy full delivery that was popped up by the batsman and caught by Jay close in resulting in pandemonium with the team celebrating hands aloft and Doc practicing his bird calling voice as a means of celebration. The C’s won with 8 balls to spare and by 60 runs.


Captains Corner

What a game to win. It went right down to the wire and an inspired change in the end to take the final wicket to ensure the team tasted their first victory this season. A collective effort of great play by the team and a drastic change in the field and body language of the players from last week. Everyone played with courage and with a “go to the end attitude”. This belief is key if the C’s are to get anywhere near promotion and it is hoped that this continues.

Man of the match goes to Aadhil for his maiden century and 4 wickets and as Mr Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that’s counts”. Let’s hope the C’s maintain this persevering attitude when they travel to Spartans next week.