Here’s the match report for Sunday’s game by Duncan Robertson:

A gloomy day in the heart of Houghton Regis, two sides with a rivalry like no other, C’s Sunday team took at trip to Road Runners.

Newly named skipper Duncan lost the toss and the C’s were put into bat. A bad start was forecast, as when the team turns up 5 minuets before the game is supposed to start, things can only go one way.

Aftab and James walked on to open with Aftab cutting the first ball away for 4. 1 dot ball later, he was then bowled on a ball with virtually no bounce. Sam walked out next to join his fellow Northerner at the crease before James was bowled for a duck an over later. Anees came in next looking to steady the ship but was in a mix up, probably not able to understand a Barnsley accent, and was run out after only making 6. Raj came in and batted with a cool head, looking to make a recovery, but Sam had other plans being bowled for just 8 soon after being joined at the crease by Raj. Raj lost his cool head after this swinging for everything but connecting with nothing before being trapped LBW for just 9. 2 new batsmen at the crease in the shape of Shabaz and Steve with Steve looking as grey as ever wielding a new set of shining boots, however using a bat as old as him. Shabaz was looking to get the job done opening with 2 big boundaries before also being run out for just 13 with Duncan coming in next and not troubling the scores.

Things were looking bad as Caddington had slipped to 50-7. A knight in shining armour appeared in the shape of Kyle as he and Steve grinded away at the bowlers scoring singles and doubles consistently and putting away the bad balls. Kyle then missed his shot and was bowled, making a team highest of 35. Ieuan and Dave Snr in next, both soon out for quick double ducks, leaving Steve not out for a crucial 26.

So Caddington were all bowled out after posting a modest score of 113. Tight bowling was essential to C’s as they didn’t have a large score to protect. Kyle and Ieuan opened the bowling and gave Caddington Exactly what they needed with their opening spells. 5 overs in and the breakthrough was made by Ieuan taking 2 wickets in the over, leaving Road Runners 2 down without posting a run with the bat. Aftab was first change taking a wicket in his first over taking Road Runners to 3-3. Raj taking over the other end causing a confusion and creating a run out.

After 15 overs Runners were 24-4. Kyle returning on at one end with Steve coming on at the other, recreating the magic they did with the bat as Steve quickly took 2 wickets and Kyle getting his first 2 of the match. A small glimmer of hope appeared for Runners in their number 9 but he was soon done by James pace and skied a ball straight down the throat of Sam who didn’t make any mistakes with the catch. Road Runners were bowled out for a nimble 67 leaving Caddington victorious after a good performance with the ball saved a poor performance with the bat.

Man of the of Match goes to Kyle after scoring match winning runs and 6 overs taking 2 wickets of tidy bowling.